तमिल व्यापार रहस्य | Connect The Dots Book Summary | Dosa Plaza Success Story


Business Ka Jugaad | Connect The Dots Book Summary | Dosa Plaza Success Story

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This video tells the story of Prem Ganapathy of Dosa Plaza from connect the dots book. ‘Connect the Dots’ is a collection of inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs written by Rashmi Bansal. The book focuses on the idea of strong will against wit and is an attempt to boost people’s moral and confidence in their dreams and hard work. All the stories follow a single path of fighting against the odds. The book initiates its journey with the author, who speaks about the ups and downs of her life that moulded her into a person she is today.

The common thing among all the stories is the passion to succeed. Author encourages the readers to map out every step taken towards success by forming dots and connect them with hard work and unending enthusiasm, to create a meaningful picture. The book has three sections: Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan. Jugaad is about entrepreneurs who made it big on their own without any formal training. Junoon tells success stories of passion driven entrepreneurs, while Zubaan speaks about people with creative mind, which proved to be their best asset. Published on 1st July, 2012, the book has already listed as one of the best sellers.

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