10 BIG IDEAS | LETTING GO | David Hawkins | Book Summary


FIVE WORDS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: You are not your feelings. If you look at human life, we see that it’s essentially one long elaborate struggle to escape. Escape our fears, inner feelings, conflict, suffering, etc. People explain it as “the human condition” even. What’s the method for doing this? Going over that technique and 10 Big ideas from Letting Go – the Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins.

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when you hear the word “surrender” or “letting go” what comes up? Ask me that 5 years ago early 20s I would have said “DEFEAT!” or “GIVING UP!” – toxic narrative. Exhausting. Random. There’s peace in letting go/surrendering. Knowing which battles to choose in life – can’t fight them all. Can’t FIGURE everything out! The Point: Stop trying to change thoughts. You have 60k per day.
Real root is the feeling. Go here.

Research showing thoughts aren’t stored in the mind – they are categorized. Like a file on the computer. Categorized under FEELINGS. Thousands/millions of thoughts can be REPLACED by a single emotion “Emotions are a record of the past” — Emotions are more Primitive in brain — thoughts are NEWER, so less priority.

SUPPRESSION: Consciously done.
REPRESSION: Subconsciously done.
Repression is DEEPER – usually too much guilt/shame around event to deal with consciously.
Stuff it down. The root of patterns we have in relationships, friendships, business, self-talk, money, family, etc.

Pressure valve to release a little inner pressure — goes back to repressing and surpassing more
“Isn’t it GOOOD to express feelings?” – sometimes! But can be SELFISH.
i.e. friend who was dating a manipulative woman. ALWAYS needing to “have a talk” – just her way of PROJECTING onto him all responsibility of a relationship.

When we LET GO – immediately feel better. AND make better decisions. No one does best work under pressure or anxiety. Drop the weights. Freedom. Measure: Breathing, pulse, blood pressure, muscle tension, etc all improve! First is to have a willingness to experience it. LET it come up

Sit for a while. See what comes up.
Focus on the EMOTION not the thought loop. Not who caused this. Not why do i feel this way. Just WHAT does it feel like right now. (i.e. Anger, Guilt, Shame, Stress, Grief, Doubt, Lonely, Bored, etc)
Look for resistance. If you’re thinking “I hate this” that’s the resistance coming up need to also become aware of this. Trap!

Limiting beliefs around Letting Go
– We only deserve things through hard work, sacrifice, effort
– Suffering is beneficial and good for us
– We don’t get anything for nothing
– Things that are very simple aren’t worth much.

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  1. Hey YOU! Stoked for you to get all the 10 big ideas from LETTING GO. What a game-changing book. Probably in my top 10 of all time. Sit back, relax, and take some good notes! When you're done with this video, check out this free case study going WAYYYYY deeper on some unique methods of HOW to actually "let go" and "detach" the right way. You'll discover ONE TOOL that's more powerful than manifestation, rewiring your subconscious mind, or the law of attraction. ➡ https://www.clarkkegley.com/free-case-study

  2. Retroactive jealously is the hardest thing for me to let go. But I actually had a long, detailed conversation with myself. Concluding that the past is the past for a reason, they are no longer with them, they learned from their mistakes. Etc.

  3. One thing this video helped me realise that I have struggled with, is that "Letting go" is not a step in a practice or an action that you take. It's the result of the practice. I often found myself trying too hard to let go or telling myself "okay now let go".. then looking back like "did I let go properly?" haha If it was that simple it wouldn't need a book like Hawkin's written.

    So my reflections are that you may not let go fully first time around when you practice, but with each practice you're with the emotion you will start to feel your strength of letting go.. grow.

    Keen to hear others thoughts on this..

  4. I’d listened to the audio book before I came here, and must have missed the part about pets and self-love (oops) – but it makes SO MUCH sense … at the moment I don’t have a pet because I am not in a situation where I could have one, but DESPERATELY want a cat (and love cat-sitting for friends)… never thought too much about it until now (They are not as cuddle-tolerant as dogs, but still)…

  5. Your dressing and your topic just don’t match. If I turn the volume off you look like giving tips on how to keep your mafia brothers happy.. Good advise. Thanks.

  6. Thank you for an insightful and well-presented book summary/review. Please note that David's name is HawKINS and not HawKINGS as you pronounced it at about 1:27 or thereabout. Kindly make a note of it if you choose to continue reviewing any of his other works. As you touched on "Power vs, Force ", another one many readers new to his writings often find quite accessible, please note that Kiniesiologic Muscle Testiing is not a test of strength but for the (momentary) presence or absence of vital energy. There are different words for it. The Chinese call it "chi" but that's an entirely different discussion.

    If you feel so inclined, another to consider is "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Thank you.

  7. I found transcending the levels of consciousness by David Hawkins years ago when I was struggling internally. His books truly awaken you from a sleep of victimization to facilitating your own enlightenment.


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