BRAIN RULES Book Summary in Hindi by John Medina | 12 Brain Rules That Will Change Your Life


BRAIN RULES Book Summary in Hindi by John Medina | 12 Brain Rules That Will Change Your Life

In this video we will summaries the book Brain Rules which share how our brain science works and influence the we think or teach children or adults. Dr. John Medina has described 12 Brain Rules which he and his team has discovered after studies many brain of humans. This book shows how our lifestyle moments and thinking effects our brains and whole life. So if you want a good and health life please watch this video.

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  1. Some points of video is:
    1. Do Exercise daily
    2. Repeat information more to remember
    3. Taking stress reduces brain productivity.
    4. Mind works if we have interest for something.
    5. Curiosity is one of most important human tools.
    6. Use your senses properly.
    7. Vision is most powerful sense.
    8. Sleep well,think well


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