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This is a quick book summary of Holes by Louis Sachar. This channel discusses and reviews books, novels, and short stories through drawing…poorly.

This is a story about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is found guilty of stealing a pair of shoes and sent to Camp Green Lake, a detention camp for boys in Texas. Stanley’s family has had a string of bad luck since his great-great grandfather became cursed for not fulfilling his promise to carry an old woman named Madam Zeroni up a mountain before coming to America.

The area of the camp used to be a thriving community, but after the rise of an outlaw named Kissin’ Kate Barlow, the lake dried up and the community disbanded.

At the camp, Mr. Pendanski, a counselor, welcomes Stanley to his new living quarters, which he shares with some boys, each with unique nicknames – X-ray, Armpit, Zero, Magnet, Zigzag, and Squid.

Stanley is instructed by a man named Mr. Sir that he must dig a five foot hole each day and that if he finds anything interesting, to turn it in for a reward.

Stanley struggles with digging his hole, but eventually gets the hang of it, earning himself the nickname, Caveman.

Stanley finds a golden metal tube and gives it to X-Ray, who turns it in and gets a day off from digging.

The Warden appears and tells the boys to keep digging.

However, they don’t find anything and in her anger, the Warden scratches Mr. Sir’s face with her nails that have rattlesnake venom nail polish.

Stanley teaches Zero how to read in exchange for help digging his hole.

However, the other boys become jealous that Stanley doesn’t dig and Zigzag and Stanley get into a fight.

The Warden tells Stanley that he can’t teach Zero how to read and that he must go back to digging his own hole.

However, Zero runs away into the wilderness and the Warden orders that all of Zero’s records be destroyed.

Stanley steals the water truck to go after Zero, but he drives it into a hole.

Stanley runs into the wilderness to search for Zero with no water and supplies.

Stanley finds an upturned boat in the middle of the dry lake bed and discovers that Zero is resting there and eating what he calls sploosh, which are actually preserved peaches.

Stanley and Zero travel toward a distant mountain that looks like a fist.

However, Zero begins to feel sick from eating the sploosh and Stanley is forced to carry him up the mountain.

Nearly dead, they arrive at the top of the mountain and find water and onion plants.

They stay on the mountain for a while, recovering and resting before deciding to return back to the camp.

Because Stanley doesn’t know what to do, he decides to dig around the spot where he found the golden metal tube.

They dig through the night and eventually find a treasure chest.

The Warden arrives and demands that they give her the chest.

However, the hole is swarmed with yellow-spotted lizards and so everyone stands back, although they can’t figure out why Stanley and Zero haven’t been bitten.

Stanley’s attorney arrives the next day and tells Stanley that he is being released from the camp.

The Warden continues to demand the chest, but Zero discovers that Stanley’s name is on the chest.

Stanley’s attorney escorts Stanley and Zero away from the camp, which is shut down by the Attorney General.

In the end, Stanley and Zero become rich from the contents of the chest, Stanley’s father invents a foot odor remedy, and Zero is reunited with his mother.

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  2. Terrible book, communist propaganda. How can the rest just sit in silence when the children are being injected with this blasphemous venom during their most formative years?


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