How Ashish Kacholia rejigged his portfolio in March quarter


New Delhi: Seasoned investor Ashish Kacholia was quite busy reshuffling his portfolio during the March 2022 quarter as he picked up stake in at least nine companies, whereas cut in five others, including a complete exit from one counter.

Among the stock buys, Kacholia added four new stocks, whereas he increased his holding in five others. He kept his stake unchanged in at least a dozen companies, shareholding data suggested.

The smallcap czar bought 20,42,534 equity shares or 1.84 per cent stake in the Fineotex Chemical during January- March 2022 period, which is currently worth Rs 44 crore.

Kacholia also made an entry in household appliances maker as he bought 5,76,916 equity shares or 1.76 per cent stake in the company, worth Rs 39 crore.

He also picked up fresh holdings in industrial mineral player

as he bought 9,33,304 shares or 1.35 per cent stake and IT services player Creative Newtech, buying 3,40,101 shares or 2.8 per cent stake.

His name was missing from the key shareholders list of these in the December 2021 quarter. Companies are obligated to release the name of shareholders holding one per cent or more stake in the company on a quarterly basis.

Barring Stove Kraft, which has jumped about 45 per cent in the last one year, all other three counters have rallied between 200-585 per cent in the last one year.

The marquee investor upped his stake in containers and packaging company

India. He added over 80,000 shares to own 4,21,616 shares or 3.57 per cent stake for Q4FY22 against 3,41,316 shares or 2.89 per cent stake in Q2FY22.

He bought 21,800 shares of

to increase his stake to 2,91,231 shares 2.55 per cent from 2.36 per cent earlier, the latest shareholding data shows.

He also marginally increased his stake in Ami organics to 2.13 per cent, United Drilling Tools to 2.63 per cent and

RG to 1.05 per cent in the last quarter of the recently concluded fiscal year.

Shares of Xpro India have surged more than 1,200 per cent in the last one year, whereas Yasho Industries has zoomed over 425 per cent. Ami Organics, United Drilling Tools and La Opala have surged up 85 per cent during the period.

On the contrary, Ashish Kacholia’s stake in Poly Medicure dropped below 1 per cent in the quarter ended March 31, 2022 but he held 15,00,000 shares or 1.56 per cent stake of the medical equipment company at the end of preceding quarter.

He also sold 75,000 shares of Vishnu Chemicals to trim his stake to 5,00,000 shares or 4.19 per cent in the Q4FY22, compared to 5,75,000 shares or 4.81 per cent stake in the Q3FY22.

Kacholia also reduced his stake in Somany Home Innovation as he sold more than 1.57 lakh shares. He held 9,63,394 shares or 1.33 per cent stake in the consumer appliance firm.

He also marginally trimmed his stake in the likes of Mold-Tek Packaging, ADF Foods and Mastek, the latest shareholding data suggests.

Shares of ADF Foods have dropped about 5 per cent in the last five years, whereas Poly Medicure has remained flat. The remaining counters have rallied up to 400 per cent in the last 12 months.

Ashish Kacholia has stayed put in the companies including Igarash Motors, NIIT, PCBL, Vaibhav Global,

, HLE Glasscoast, Shaily Engineering, , Acrysil, Beta Drugs, TARC and SJS Enterprises during March 2022 quarter.

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