How To Become Hardworking & Beat Talented People(hindi) – Grit Book summary


In this video, I talk about why talent isn’t the only factor for success like a lot of people believe, using points from angela duckworth’s book GRIT. Talent matters, but effort matters way more. Find out how.

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  1. SR मेरा इंटरेस्ट है रिपेयरिंग में है ज्यादा डरते हैं झटका से लाइट से ज्यादा डर क्यों लगता है

  2. I feel my job boaring because i am doing same work everyday. What is my plan after watching this video.

    1. Read the book GRIT first.
    2. Show the GRIT to manager in next 3 month
    3. Give an extra effort when I feel that I am done for today beyond comfort zone.(extra 2 hours for self development)
    4. My little talent need Hardwork to develop Skills
    5. My skill + more Effort will definately drive me toward achievement.

  3. Your youtube family and I upgrade on a week basis. We like your voice. You are very near to 1 Million subscriber. I hope that kne day, the day will come when you have 10 million subscriber and we are warching yoyr performance. We love you all

  4. Love you yaar !! Very good video bro. You are doing great keep doing it. Which mic do you use ? And what types (on topic)of book you read? And how many book you read in 1 month?


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