Ranvir Shorey says ‘was almost hounded out of hotel room’ after he tweeted about son’s Covid-19 diagnosis


Actor Ranvir Shorey, who recently revealed that his son 10-year-old son Haroon tested positive for Covid-19, has shared a bunch of follow-up tweets. Ranvir said that they were ‘hounded out of’ their room in the hotel they were quarantined at after he shared about his son’s Covid-19 diagnosis on social media.

Earlier this week, Ranvir tweeted to say that Haroon’s Covid-19 test result turned out to be positive during a routine test for their flight back to Mumbai from Goa. On Thursday morning, the actor added that the father-son duo opted for a re-test and while Ranvir tested negative, Haroon’s result was positive again.

In another tweet, Ranvir wrote: “As a result of my SM post, meant for the common good, we were almost hounded out of our hotel room, where we were quarantining, due to other guests pressurising the hotel about us staying here. Society’s capacity for unscientific discrimination has been on full display.”

He added: “People who wanted selfies until a day before were blackmailing the hotel for discounts and refunds, because we were in one of the rooms! Will always remember this experience. It makes me wonder if the world deserves honesty at all.”

Screenshot of Ranvir Shorey’s recent tweets. 

Haroon is Ranvir Shorey’s son with his ex-wife Konkona Sensharma. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble earlier this year, Konkona opened up about co-parenting with Ranvir and said: “I am very lucky because Haroon’s father is a very involved parent. The thing is, because both of us are working and shooting, we are able to mostly balance it out. When Haroon’s father is shooting, I try to be in town and vice versa.”

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In a recent conversation with Rajeev Masand at the Actors’ Roundtable 2021, Konkona said Haroon helps her prep for ‘chunky Hindi’ dialogues.

“I have a couple of fears, one is, of course, like big chunky Hindi dialogues. That’s my biggest fear. I’m just ratoing (learn by heart) from like days and weeks in advance. Getting my son to help me now, which is great. But that’s my biggest fear. Sometimes if I find in the script level I’ve very lengthy monologues then I say ‘No’. I say, ‘I can’t do’. I don’t like the thing that one character is explaining everything. I don’t want to explain the whole movie, don’t do it through me. The script should be better,” she said.

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