Single dad Tusshar Kapoor is open to finding a life partner: ‘Never say never’


Actor Tusshar Kapoor has spoken about life as a single dad and how he feels that his life is ‘complete’ even without a life partner. Tusshar became father to son Laksshya in 2016, who was born via surrogacy.

Tusshar, who is the son of veteran actor Jeetendra and brother of film and television producer Ekta Kapoor, never got married. He has now written a book titled Bachelor Dad: My Journey to Fatherhood and More.

Speaking to Pinkvilla in an interview, Tusshar said that he is still open to the idea of finding the right partner. However, he is not actively looking for love. “I am open to the idea of maybe finding the right life partner. That is something everybody is open to. But it’s not that I’m feeling incomplete right now or looking to tie the knot or find a life partner because I feel my life is complete and I did the right thing. But of course, never say never. You never know what destiny has in store for me,” he said.

A couple years after Tusshar, his sister Ekta Kapoor also welcomed a son via surrogacy. Her son was named Ravie, after their father Jeetendra’s real name. He revealed what Ekta told him upon Laksshya’s birth. “I remember my sister telling me after Laksshya was born that ‘you’ll be showing the way to so many other people’. She said, ‘you had the guts to do this…’,” he said.

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Tusshar announced his book on Instagram in December with a post. He wrote, “Becoming a father has been one of the most cherished moments of my life and my first book, Bachelor Dad, talks about how I took a slightly unconventional road to fatherhood. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the support of some amazing people on this journey but my decision to become a single father also raised several questions which I have tried to address on various media platforms, though the message has often been lost in translation. Perhaps that’s why I’m feeling joyous now, because part of my objective to write this book was to share an honest picture about my life, and that will finally be fulfilled.”

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