‘That is unbelievable’: Marais Erasmus shocked at Elgar DRS, India player says ‘broadcasters here to make money’ – WATCH


While all the attention remained on Virat Kohli and his outburst about the Dean Elgar DRS, umpire Marais Erasmus’ golden reaction almost went unnoticed. It was Erasmus who raised his finger and declared Elgar out but once his decision was overturned, the umpire himself could not believe the South Africa’s captain luck.

As Erasmus was asked to reverse his decision and the camera panned towards Kohli, the official was spotted saying ‘that is impossible’ not once but twice. As the entire Indian team launched a barrage of verbals at the stump mic, one of the players said ‘the broadcasters are here to make money’. The voice suggested it was Kohli but nothing is concrete.

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While Kohli, KL Rahul and Ashwin clearly directed their anger at the broadcaster for the controversial DRS, even Mayank Agarwal jumped in. Agarwal, who was a close-in fielder at forward short-leg, said: “Not good, you are making the sport look bad now, making the sport look bad – probably directed at the host broadcaster”.

The distraction affected India’s performance with the team conceding 41 runs in the next eight overs as compared to 60 in the first 20. India’s cricketers received plenty of backlash for what was received as ‘foul play’, but after the day’s play, bowling coach dismissed the idea and tried to diffuse the situation. 

“We saw it, you saw it. I think I’ll leave that to the match referee to have a look at it. I think there’s nothing else to it. There’s nothing else I can do or comment on it. We’ve seen it all. Just want to move on with the game now,” he said.

“Every individual out here is trying his best. But sometimes in a moment like this, people do say certain things. It’s a game. I think it’s fair we move on and let’s not take this further. It happens, everyone is trying their best, emotions do come into play sometimes.”

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