The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday Audiobook | Book Summary in Hindi


The Obstacle Is The Way is a modern take on the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, which helps you endure the struggles of life with grace and resilience by drawing lessons from ancient heroes, former presidents, modern actors, athletes, and how they turned adversity into success, thanks to the power of perception, action and will. The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday Audiobook Book Summary in Hindi.

00:00 Book Introduction
01:24 Part1.Perception
06:49 Part2.Action
13:20 Part3.Will
17:25 Key Points
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  2. बकवास करना बंद करे, इस वीडियो में ऐसी कोई सी नयी बात आपने बताई जो एक सामान्य आदमी के समझ में नहीं है,जो बात आप बता रहे है वो सबके दिमाग में रहती है के क्या करना है

  3. Writer have done so much research hardwork in writing this book ,really amazing book,you have further presented in the form of summary which again makes easier to understand the broader perspective and key points .
    Thank you for the hard work and coming out with such beautiful enriching summary of this great book.
    Kudos to the writer and kudos to Readers book club .


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