‘They dip bun in ice-cream, put chocolate and Nando’s sauce on bread’: Suryakumar on eating habits of 2 India team-mates


ByHT Sports Desk, New Delhi

In a day and age where fitness and diet have become two utmost parameters of cricket, it turns out there are two players in the Indian team who still do not shy away from a cheat diet every now and then. Under Virat Kohli’s era, the Indian team has improved magnanimously in terms of fitness, with Kohli leading from the front. His obsession with being fit and in shape is a whole story altogether, and the manner in which the former India captain has given up junk food and injected discipline in his diet to get there is the stuff of legends.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that every player is equally strict. India batter Suryakumar Yadav has revealed how two of India’s young wicketkeepers in Ishan Kishan and Rishabh Pant would try out different, weird combinations when it comes to food, one that might leave you smacking your lips.

“If Pant and Ishan get together, then it is a height. They can eat absolutely anything. They dip a bun in ice-cream and eat it. They put chocolate ice-cream on bread, then put Nando’s sauce on that. Only thing left was to put a piece of chicken. This is the combination, which in their eyes is a burger. They tell me ‘Eat it. you’ll score runs tomorrow’. It’s a new thing they have started. That’s how low they can stoop to for food. The two are unreal, clean hearts, complete pure souls. You’ll have a lot of fun spending time with them,” Suryakumar told actor, television and cricket presenter Gaurav Kapur on his famous YouTube Show ‘Breakfast with Champions’.

Suryakumar and Ishan in particular have been teammates for a long time during their stay at Mumbai Indians. Calling Ishan quite the personality, Suryakumar hailed his teammate as someone who will always spread positivity.

“Ishan is one of my best friends in the team. You have to have him around, especially when you have lost a match. Like signal bounces, even he bounces from one topic to another. Even in training I told my trainer I want to train with him only. I want him in every sponsor commitment,” Suryakumar added.

“Whenever we bat together, we don’t look at the scoreboard unless we have to chase. We speak about different things apart from cricket like ‘If we win the game today then we will order brownie ice cream’. It’s fun.”

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